Healthy Pets NH

Is Concord’s only canine wellness center.  It was created by April Begosh, lifelong dog owner and veteran massage therapist.

We believe that our dogs deserve the best care that we can give them and that you deserve to have a place where you can learn how to provide the best care. Healthy Pets NH empowers you and helps you create an environment for your pet that is safe, healthy and happy. Our pets are full-fledged members of our families.

They have physical and emotional needs just like we do. They do their best, in their own language, to communicate those needs to us.  It is our responsibility as their caretakers, their family, to learn their language and to anticipate their needs so that they can live a fulfilled life.

Our goal is to create a space where dogs can get the wellness care that they need in the form of  physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, reiki and other holistic and traditional services.

In addition, we want to provide a place for pet parents to be able to learn more about the needs of their pets and how they can create the safest, healthiest and happiest environment for them.

We do this by partnering with local vets, trainers/behaviorists, groomers, bodyworkers and nutritionists to provide activities and classes that focus on the health and welfare of our animals.

Our Classes...

Our classes cover topics such as CPR and First Aid for Pets, Dental Care For Pets, Caring for Your Senior Pet-izen, Knowing Your Pet’s Health, Massaging Your Pet for Wellness, Beginners Level Animal Communication and many more seasonal topics. We encourage and foster a bond with our pets that is based on respect and understanding.

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