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Soul Level Animal Communication Intensive… Get to Know Why…

Do you struggle with understanding your pet’s needs and wants? Concerned with your pet’s health and not sure what to do? Is your companion showing some odd new behavior that may be driving you crazy? Or maybe all of a sudden a wild animal keeps showing up in your path?

Guess What! These are gifts from every animal in your life and they have a reason for doing everything they do! It is their way to get you to listen to what they want to teach you! We as humans just need to listen.

Soul Level Animal Communication is all about learning and listening to our animals and letting them teach us. They are just bursting with desire and passion to help us throughout our lives.

In this Beginner Soul Level Animal Communication class we will talk about the basic level of Animal Communication (physical needs of an animal) and then go to the Soul of the animal to begin to understand why that animal is in your life, what she/he is here to help you learn, and how you can create the best relationship between the two of you.

This is a fun workshop delivered with love, compassion, spunk and soul.