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Dr. Valerie Lunnon, DC

dog dental care concord, nh [p_st]Valerie Lunnon, DC is a graduate of Parker Chiropractic College and has been certified in Animal Chiropractic since 2006. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Anatomy and one in Health and Nutrition. Her goal is to help your pets be as healthy and mobile as they can be. She uses gentle techniques to re-align the spine restoring their body’s natural healing powers. Her main objective is to help your pets to reach optimal spinal and physical health through chiropractic care. [p_ed][p_st]She was a veterinary technician for 11 years. She worked at a general practice for 5 years and then moved on to an ER/ specialty center working with a Neurologist for 3 years. In those 8 years, she found many cases of animals that could use chiropractic care and decided to become a chiropractor for animals. During her time in Chiropractic school, she was a technician for an animal chiropractor for 3 years and completed an extensive American Veterinary Chiropractic Association approved animal chiropractic program. For the last 3 years, she has been working at a Holistic Animal Center in San Diego, CA adjusting 40 dogs per week, plus some cats and small farm animals. She has been adjusting dogs for 7 years now and working with animals for 20 years!! She looks forward to working with your animals to bring them back to optimal health.

Wendy Van de Poll, MS, LMT

[p_st]dog daycare concord, nhWendy Van de Poll is an Animal Guidance Communicator and Intuitive Life Path Coach. She works with clients all over the world and is known for her unique and cutting-edge abilities.As an Animal Guidance Communicator she can tell you exactly what your animals know about you that you don’t know about yourself and how they are a gateway to understanding yourself better. As an Intuitive Life Path Coach she provides coaching and guidance as related to your health, relationships, career, finances and spirit. She is very unique in that she is able to connect with people and animals on a deep soul level. [p_ed][p_st]Known for her skill and pleasant humor she can shift your animal and you out of difficult times and into living your life to its fullest and best. Wendy has the ability to look within and to see where discord is taking place. Knowing that the emotional, physical, and spiritual realms are intricately connected, Wendy works to resolve the issues within, one layer at a time, which allows her clients to obtain the highest possible wellness and joy. Wendy holds a Master’s of Science degree in Wolf Ecology and Behavior. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist for Human, Horse and Hound. She has been in the Holistic Health Field for over 30-years.[p_ed] [p_st]Wendy has run with wild Wolves in Minnesota, Coyotes in Massachusetts and Foxes in her backwoods. She has been forever-connected with animals on the Earth and Spiritual plane and has finally learned to listen to their messages after way too many wild wanderings!

Jennifer Brooks, PT, MEd, CERP, CCRP

pet daycare concord, nh [p_st]In the year 2000 Jennifer Brooks, PT, decided to combine her love of horses with her professional skills as a Physical Therapist. She began studying equine anatomy, kinesiology (the study of movement) and equine pathologies. Much of her continuing educational pursuits in equine PT have involved understanding the benefits of modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound, heat and cold, low level light LASER, electrical stimulation along with manual therapeutic interventions, that are commonly used on humans in clinical settings, with thoughts of “How can I utilize these proven methods that help humans, to help heal horses?”[p_ed] concord, nh cat dental care [p_st]Jennifer started her professional career as a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) graduating with a B.S. in PT from Russell Sage College (see Sage Colleges profile on Jennifer), Troy, NY, in 1985. She went on to receive her M.Ed from Rivier College, Nashua, NH in 1995. She has taught at two area colleges in the Master’s PT Programs at University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and at Notre Dame College, Manchester, NH. She most recently taught at the NH Technical Community College teaching Practical Equine Anatomy and Physiology within their Equine Body Work Program in Fall of 2007.Jennifer is a University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture faculty member for their Certificate Program in Equine Rehabilitation. For more details, see Jennifer’s faculty page. [p_ed][p_st]Jennifer has spent the last 8 years focused on studies in equine rehabilitation. Please click on to her CV link for a full outline of the course work she has pursued. She attended the Equine Rehabilitation Institute in Loxahatchee, Fl and received her Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification through the collaboration of Northeast Seminars and the University of Tennessee Veterinary College in 2006. She has gained knowledge of therapeutic intervention specific for equine and canine pathologies from a variety of equine and canine professionals such as Narelle Stubbs, PhD in Equine Physiotherapy, Physiotherapist for the Australian Olympic Equestrian Team, Dr. Wayne McIlwraith, Dip. Vet Un of Colorado, Dr. Steve Adair at the University of Tennessee, and Dr. AndrisKaneps, DVM, PhD, DACVS Board-certified surgeon. She continues to grow her equine, canine and human knowledge base with continuing education in both disciplines. [p_ed][p_st]Jennifer has been a horse, dog and cat lover all of her life. She started hunt seat lesson at 11yrs old. She got her first horse at age 13, a dapple gray Anglo Arab mare with which she competed showing in the Central NY State area while growing up. She has owned a variety horses: a Warmblood-Cross, a Canadian Thoroughbred, a National Show horse at her small farm Brookline, NH. She rides mostly for pleasure and trail riding, but dallies in dressage for training purposes. She continues to take riding instruction to further excel her passion while regularly enjoying cross-country gallops in the trials of Southern NH.[p_ed][p_st] concord, nh dog dental care She currently maintains a gentleman’s farm with her husband and children in Brookline, NH where she keeps her horse and boards others. Jennifer was recently featured in Today in Physical Therapy Dec. ’07 a monthly periodical in an article on Animal PT. She has also recently published an article on Intermittent Upward Fixation of the Patella of the Horse: Literature review and Case Study in the Orthopedic PT Practice Journal. Her hobbies, besides horses, include exercising outdoors with friends, gardening, family time, reading, writing and equine research.

Brandi Dubuque, ABCDT, Reiki I and II practitioner

dog daycare concord nh[p_st]Brandi grew up with a love of dogs and all things cute and furry. She wanted to be a vet, but a math and needle phobia and knowing that she could not handle the task of sending pets over “the rainbow bridge” lead her away from that career path and into the field of Early Childhood Education where she has remained for the past 15 years.[p_ed][p_st]Throughout the years her passion for animals has remained strong while, at the same time, she developed a passion for the metaphysical. In 2011 she decided to blend her two passions. She received her Reiki I and II attunements and began practicing on her own pets as well as the pets of her family and friends. In addition, she started using essential oil therapies on pets and is currently studying to become a crystal healer. She decided to bring her energy work into the field of dog training and applied to Animal Behavior College, graduating the program with honors and receiving her dog training certificate (ABCDT). Since graduating the ABC program she has been working part time as an assistant trainer with a local dog training professional.[p_ed][p_st] Brandi is eager to start offering her unique skills and talents to the general public and looks forward to working with you and your pets.