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Small Breed Doggie Daycare

“Y’all come bark now, ya hear”

Dogs just want to have fun!  At Healthy Pets NH that is exactly what they will do.  We believe that healthy, happy dogs start with healthy, happy experiences.  Dogs learn, grow and thrive through experiences that simulate their instinctual desire for certain activities. By removing the leash and giving them their own space they are able to explore at their own pace and comfort level.  We encourage this growth through group play, toys and interaction with humans other than their owners.  We welcome all small breed dogs under 40 pounds and about 18-20 inches at the shoulder.

At Happy Tails Ranch our goal is to provide your dog with lots of fresh air, fun and love and to assist you in raising a well- mannered companion who is safe, healthy and happy for life.

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Benefits of Doggie Daycare

  • Socialization- Dogs need to be exposed to a variety of different sounds, sights and experiences. Having these experiences with other dogs and humans result in good mannered, confident, stable dogs.  Our small breed doggie-daycare will be the perfect positive influence.  Your dog will be encouraged to explore their world at their own pace and will be provided with opportunities to learn and grow while doing things that dogs just love to do.
  • Healthy Exercise- Your dog will have ample time to burn off all of their energy while learning appropriate play with other dogs and polite pack behavior.  We provide all of the activities and toys.  We have both indoor and outdoor play areas so your dog will get to play every day no matter the weather or temperature.
  • Healthful Rest- Yes, dogs love to play and be active, but after all of that stimulation, it is important that dogs get the rest necessary for a healthy mind and body.  We schedule the appropriate amount of down time and play time so your dog comes home at night relaxed and stress-free.
  • Life-stage and health maintenance feedings- We expect you to have fed your dog before arriving at the doggie daycare.  If it is necessary for them to eat again or to be given medication prior to arriving home at the end of the day, then we will do so. They will be supervised and will be kept separate from all other dogs while they are eating.
  • Snout To Tail Wellness Assessment- Our CPR and First Aid trained staff will monitor your dog’s development and health each time they are here.  We will select several dogs a day and give them a head to tail examination designed to track things such as heart rate, breathing rate, skin and coat condition etc.  This will help us to inform you when and if changes are happening with your dog’s health.  It will also train your dog to be comfortable being handled in a loving supportive way which will make handling them a lot easier on you, your vet, your groomer, and, of course, on your dog.



In order for us to give your dog the best possible care and the most individual attention, we limit the number of dogs in care per day. Because of this, we require reservations for the following day to be made by 6:30pm. In order to avoid “technical glitches,” all reservations must be made in person or over the phone. Reservations can be made by calling Healthy Pets NH at 603-674-1176.  All forms must be filled out completely and returned to Healthy Pets NH at least 24 hours before your dog’s first visit. If any forms are incomplete or contain questionable information, your dog’s eligibility to attend daycare on that day will be at the discretion of the Healthy Pets NH staff member. Forms can be picked up in person or filled out online. Please call for online form access. For questions about daycare, you can also contact us via email.

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