Caring For Your Senior Pet-izen

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Caring For Your Senior Pet-izen


Part of being a caring, conscientious,  responsible and loving pet owner includes helping the pet into its “golden years.” Medically speaking, “old age” for pets is considered a condition and not an illness or disease.  There are many preventative measures that you can do now to increase the quality and quantity of your pet’s life as they become “senior pet-izens.”

This course will teach you to create a lifestyle for your pet that minimizes the risk of illness, injury and disease and, at the same time, maximizes the quality of their life and your relationship with them.  You will learn about proper diet, nutrition and supplementation, the importance of exercise, sunlight,  fresh air and water, the risk of having an overweight pet, the importance of proper dental care and the components of a preventative geriatric health screen administered by a vet.

As Your Pet Ages… their Needs Change… Are You Ready?

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