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PetSaver Class

This class is perfect for pet owners and Pet Care Professionals. The training is taught by lecture, demonstration and hands-on skill practice. The class includes a handbook and, upon successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate.

You will learn…

  • Pet CPR:
    Pet CPR is a system of chest compressions and breaths that provide life- saving oxygen to the vital organs of the body.
  • Restraining your pet:
    Proper restraint of an injured or ill pet prevents further harm to the pet as well as to the caregiver.
  • Medical emergency response:
    There are times when waiting to get to a vet for care is not an option. Knowing basic medical emergency techniques buys your pet valuable life-saving time.
  • Rescue Breathing:
    A pet cannot survive without oxygen. Rescue breathing will teach you how to breathe for your pet when they are not breathing for themselves.
  • ABC’s of Pet First Aid:
    Knowing the basics of Pet First Aid and how and when to administer it appropriately can mean the difference between life and death for your pet.
  • Choking Management:
    When your pet has an obstructed air passage it can quickly lead to unconsciousness and death if left untreated. Learning how to assist your pet in clearing their air passage can prevent a devastating loss.
  • Assessing your pet’s vitals:
    Heart rate, breathing rate, and body temperature can all be negatively affected by illness and injury. Learn how to check your pet’s vitals to get valuable information on their overall health.
  • Heat Injuries:
    There is a big difference between being hot and suffering from heat stroke. Learn how to recognize the difference and how to treat for heat injuries.
  • Cold Injuries:
    Just like people, pets shiver when they are cold, but when does shivering indicate that their body temperature is dangerously low? Learn to recognize the combination of symptoms that indicates that your pet is suffering from hypothermia.
  • Snout-To-Tail Assessment:
    Having baseline information on your pet’s health will help you to recognize when something is not right with them.
  • Poisoning:
    Poisoning is one of the top three reasons for death among pre-senior dogs and cats. Recognizing the forms of poisoning, poisonous substances and how to treat for poisoning is vital to your pet’s survival.
  • Bleeding Protocols:
    Loss of blood can quickly lead to death if left untreated. Learning how to bandage an injury can minimize the amount of blood lost.
  • Bites and Stings:
    Most of the time bites and stings are just itchy and annoying, but there are times when severe allergic reactions can threaten your pet’s life. Learning how to manage bites and stings can alleviate your pet’s discomfort or even save their life.
  • Senior and Dental Care:
    Proper dental care is about so much more than white teeth and fresh breath. Poor oral hygiene can lead to internal infections of the organs. Learning how to brush your pet’s teeth and how to recognize the signs and stages of periodontal disease can keep your dog healthy from the inside out.
  • What is Not Healthy for Your Pet:
    So much more than common sense. Knowing what is not healthy for your pet can make a difference between a long, healthy life or one wrought with disease, illness and injury.

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