Knowing Your Pet’s Health

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Knowing Your Pet’s Health

$20.00 (2 hours)

dog-2This short course will empower you to prevent a heart-breaking event.  The class focuses on the Snout to Tail Wellness Assessment™.  The assessment is a systematic approach to petting your animal with intention.  It provides you with a step by step routine for getting a baseline of your pet’s health by looking, listening and feeling for what is normal for your pet so that you know when something is not normal.  You will learn how to chart your findings as a way of monitoring changes in your pet’s health.  This course will provide you with knowledge in

  • Pet Emergency Preparedness Tipssimone-dalmeri-110419
  • Plant & Household Pet Poisons
  • Assessing Your Pet’s Vitals
  • Knowing Your Pet’s Health
  • The Snout-To-Tail Wellness Assessment™
  • Assessment Worksheet
  • 5 Components For Optimal Wellness
This class was created specifically for pet owners like you.  The Snout-To-Tail Wellness Assessment™ is your best first step in knowing your pet’s ongoing health.

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