What Happens To Our Animals When They Die?

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Are you a person that has loved and cherished your pet for many years? Are you having difficulty with the loss of your animal friend? Do you experience emotions of sadness and grief?

It can be really difficult to accept and understand the passing of an animal friend from the physical form to the spirit form. This physical separation can leave you with a huge gap of unexplained emotions and grief that can be overwhelming.

By exploring the answers to the following questions that many people ask you will find comfort with the information that you will receive.

  • What happens when my animal dies?
  • Why did my dog or cat behave the way it did before it crossed over?
  • Does my horse that passed have a special message for me?
  • Will my animal come back to live with me?
  • Does my animal friend know they are going to die?

Please join me, Kado The K-9 Shaman, and your animals that have passed for a wonderful and healing seminar.