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Learn the basic principles and objectives of designing a canine fitness training program.


You will use body and behavior cues to encourage your dog to properly execute movements designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular endurance and mental focus.  You will learn the importance of and how to design a warm-up and cool-down program and how to incorporate stretching and massage into your dog’s fitness routine. You will also learn exercises for targeting specific muscle groups. You will be introduced to canine fitness equipment and will learn how to incorporate it safely into your dog’s fitness program design.

lmc_7263No previous canine fitness experience is required, but your dog must be able to consistently stay, sit, stand, lay down and nose touch to a target.  Your dog must arrive on leash and should not be aggressive to other dogs or people.  This workshop is designed for adult dogs (2 years or older.)  Participation by a dog less than 2 years of age must be arranged with and approved by the instructor.  For some workshops, auditing spots may be available at a discounted rate.

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