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Come learn the basics of canine fitness training while having fun with other dogs and their human fitness partners.


Each class will provide enrichment activities that will get your dog moving and stimulate their brain through a combination of canine fitness exercises, brain games and wellness techniques like massage and stretching.  To learn more about Canine Fitness Training, click here.

lmc_7278No previous fitness or dog sport experience required, but basic obedience is a must.  Dogs must arrive on leash, should be housebroken and show no aggression towards other dogs or people.   Each dog must have it’s own human partner.  For this introductory course your dog should be able to stay, sit, stand and lay down on command.  No worries if they don’t perform these commands perfectly every time.  That will all be part of the fitness training program.  All ages, stages and abilities are welcome!  Exercises can be modified to accommodate each dog’s strengths and challenges.

If you would like to sign up or if you have questions about the class or your dog’s eligibility to participate in the class, please contact us.